Salisbury Awarded Grant

Picnic TablesThe City of Salisbury is excited to announce that Salisbury Parks & Recreation has been awarded the 2017 Non-playground Scrap Tire Material Grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The grant funding is in the amount of $20,670.00 and has funded the purchase of 30 new picnic tables to be placed at Potts Memorial Park. Additionally, Salisbury Parks & Recreation has purchased 8 benches which have been placed at the basketball court. This purchase was a 13% match to the grant at a cost of $3,192.00. Both the new picnic tables and benches are made from more than 40% environmentally responsible scrap tire material.

We invite community members to view the new benches at the basketball court and the tables at Potts Memorial Park. The addition of these environmentally responsible products are a part of the City of Salisbury’s ongoing effort to promote community wide recycling and environmentally responsible living.