Notice of Existence of Use Tax

NOTICE OF EXISTENCE OF USE TAX; USE TAX RATE; APPLICABILITY; AND RATE MODIFICATION REQUIREMENT   The City of Salisbury previously adopted and has in force a use tax. The use tax rate for the City is currently 1.375% which is equal to the total sales tax rate. The use tax applies to and impacts certain purchases from out-of-state vendors. A use tax is the equivalent of a sales tax on purchases made from out-of-state sellers…
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Salisbury Awarded Grant

The City of Salisbury is excited to announce that Salisbury Parks & Recreation has been awarded the 2017 Non-playground Scrap Tire Material Grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The grant funding is in the amount of $20,670.00 and has funded the purchase of 30 new picnic tables to be placed at Potts Memorial Park. Additionally, Salisbury Parks & Recreation has purchased 8 benches which have been placed at the basketball court. This purchase…
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